Traffic rules

The traffic regulations describe how a road user must behave on public roads, so that traffic flows safely and smoothly. It is expected that all road users know and apply the traffic regulations. Sometimes traffic regulations will appear a bit unclear. However, all rules in the regulations have been well thought through, so it is also important to know the underlying line of thought.



If you do not comply with the traffic rules, you can get a fine. Here you will find an overview of violations and the possible consequences.

Alcohol control

Alcohol and driving a vehicle are a very dangerous combination. Alcohol reduces attention, assessment and reaction capacity. A drunk driver is not only a danger to himself, but also to other road users. That is why the police often organize alcohol checks, alcohol intoxication is measurable and punishable from a certain level.

Breath test

With a breath test, traces of alcohol are detected by means of a portable device. The driver is asked to blow a breath test for a few seconds. Then the device will give an indication of whether alcohol has been drunk. The result is only an indication and not an exact result. It therefore does not provide any punishable evidence, for which an additional breath analysis or blood test is required.

Breath analysis

In a breath analysis you have to blow into a device that measures the exact alcohol concentration in the exhaled air. The result of the breath analysis is displayed on the screen of the device. This device also prints a ticket with the exact result.

Blood test

A blood test is taken when a breath test or breath analysis is not possible, for example because the driver has asthma or is too drunk to blow. It is not the police, but a doctor who will take the blood test.

Saliva test

With a saliva test, you are asked to scrape some saliva from the oral cavity with a cotton swab. The amount of drugs present can be detected with the saliva. With a positive saliva test.


A fine is an amount that must be paid in connection with a crime.


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