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The lights on a vehicle have different functions and are an important part of road safety. The lights of your vehicle improve visibility at night. They also ensure that other road users can better see the presence, position, size and direction of your vehicle.

Dashboard lights

There are various symbols/lights on the dashboard of your vehicle, they give information or warn about the condition of your vehicle.

Dipped beam

The dipped beam is used to illuminate the road without dazzling other road users, they illuminate the road to about 30 meters. The red tail lights also illuminate when the dipped beam is switched on. The low beam is the standard lighting that you have to use when it gets dark.

High beam

The high beam is used to illuminate the road so that you can see further, it provides a clear view to about 100 meters. Because the high beam emits a very bright light, it can blind other road users. You may not use the driving beam if you drive behind another road user or when approaching an oncoming vehicle.

Fog lights

The fog light may be used in bad weather conditions such as heavy rain, fog, or snow. The fog light can dazzle other road users, so use it only in bad weather. Not all cars are equipped with fog lights, so they are not required to use.

Turn signals

The turn signals are flashing lights on the left and right front and rear of the vehicle. Sometimes also on the sides or on the side mirrors of a vehicle. They are used to indicate the direction to other road users when turning or changing lanes.

Warning lights

With most vehicles you can blink the four direction indicators simultaneously. These are the warning lights, they may only be used to warn other road users of a hazard.


This symbol is used to indicate the battery.


This symbol is used to indicate the handbrake.

Brake worn

This symbol is used to indicate that the brakes are worn.

Cruise control

This symbol is used to indicate the cruise control.

Open door

This symbol is used to indicate an open door.

Diesel particulate filter

This symbol is used to indicate the diesel particulate filter.


This symbol is used to indicate the motormanagement.

Engine temperature

This symbol is used to indicate the engine temperature.

Engine oil

This symbol is used to indicate the engine oil.


This symbol is used to indicate the fuel.


This symbol is used to indicate the preheating.


This symbol is used to indicate the seatbelt.

Steering problem

This symbol is used to indicate a steering problem.

Tire pressure

This symbol is used to indicate low tire pressure.

Windshield washer fluid

This symbol is used to indicate windshield washer fluid.

Defrost front window

This symbol is used to indicate defrost front window.

Defrost rear window

This symbol is used to indicate defrost rear window.

Anti-theft system

This symbol is used to indicate anti-theft system.



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