Traffic rules

The traffic regulations describe how a road user must behave on public roads, so that traffic flows safely and smoothly. It is expected that all road users know and apply the traffic regulations. Sometimes traffic regulations will appear a bit unclear. However, all rules in the regulations have been well thought through, so it is also important to know the underlying line of thought.

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A motorcyclist is a road user who moves with the motor in traffic.


A motorway is a public road intended for the traffic of fast vehicles, such as cars, motorbikes, trucks and buses. On a motorway there is a central reservation between the two directions and there are no traffic lights or intersections.


A maneuver is an action for which a driver must be extra careful and attentive. For example: Parking and overtaking.

Motor management

This symbol is used to indicate the motor management.

Mandatory signs

The mandatory signs impose an obligation/command that road users must comply with.


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