An overview of the vocabulary.



A speed limit can be indicated at any time with the traffic sign below. The traffic sign means that it is forbidden to drive faster than indicated. The traffic sign is valid until the next intersection or until the traffic sign announcing the end.

Speed bump

Speed bumps are placed to slow down traffic.

Residential area

Pedestrians walk on the road in a residential area, but they are not allowed to hinder traffic.

Built-up area

The built-up area is an area designated by the government where there is a lot of construction. Because of the higher population density, drivers have to take extra account of other road users. Pay extra attention in the vicinity of crossings, schools and parks.


An expressway is a public road, similar to a motorway but often with intersections and traffic lights.


A motorway is a public road intended for the traffic of fast vehicles, such as cars, motorbikes, trucks and buses. On a motorway there is a central reservation between the two directions and there are no traffic lights or intersections.


High-speed roads generally have a ramp / slip-in lane to give you time to build up speed. Use the ramp to achieve the same speed as the vehicles on the main road. If you have to wait for space on the main road, drive slower so that you have enough space to merge onto the main road.


High-speed roads generally have an exit / exit lane to give you time to reduce speed.

Cyclist street

A bicycle street is a street in which the cyclists are the most important road users. Motor vehicles are allowed, but cars are not allowed to overtake cyclists.

Play street

A public road where temporarily and during certain hours at the entrances a fence is placed with the indication "speelstraat".

Emergency lane

The strip located to the right of the carriageway of the motorway or the motorway.

Rush-hour lane

A device installed on the carriageway and intended to channel vehicles traffic; the traffic guide consists of a road marking, either from an elevation on the carriageway or from both elements together.