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Question 17: Wrong Answer! The correct answer is "End Single Carriageway". It indicates the end of a single carriageway road. So, "End of a Motorway" is the closest correct answer. Question 107: Wrong Answer! The symbol for "no parking" when on a square sign on a white background means "Limited Parking Area"...An area where parking time is limited. Therefore, the correct answer...or the closest to being correct is "Begin a zone where parking is allowed" Question 129: Wrong Answer! The correct answer is "Single Carriageway". It indicates the start of a single carriageway road. So, "Beginning of a Motorway" is the closest correct answer.

Dec 05, 2022

According to the rules for signs in Spain the posted image indicates an end for track reserved for cars. Which was not an answer available on this 'test'. The image for 'End of Expressway' is an image of an Autovia in a blue rectangle with a red slash diagonally across the Expressway.

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I am 59 and have driven extensively for 40 years and now have to have a Spanish driving licence as I am a recent resident in Spain. Never completed a theory test in driving ever. Signed up at local driving school yesterday. Got 138/158 correct. Have been reading the Spanish Highway Code, in Spanish, this morning only. Good luck!

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The written test in Spain is designed for failure. I am an FAA examiner with degree in Education and am appalled by this test

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145/158 Pretty good for a first attempt. Learned where I went wrong, and that's the point right?

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Excelente tests for increased knowledge. Put yourself under pressure with quick reaction time as would happen while driving.

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If I take the test in English with yourselves, would the qualification be recognised by all Spanish driving schools in order for me to take my practical?

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Question 33 shows a railroad crossing with more than 1 railway. The correct answer is not shown. Please correct. Parking prohibited. Mandatory lane for buses. Warning for a roundabout. Warning for a railroad crossing with more than 1 railway.

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This test was very useful, easy to use and would be very helpful to someone before taking a theory test. I got 48 out of 50 because I made 2 very stupid mistakes by not reading all the options before giving my answer. I would advise any person taking a theory driving test with multiple answers to read ALL the options before answering.

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