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Dear student! On this page we're try to teach you something about the traffic signs. Hopefully everything is clear, let us know below!

Mar 11, 2021 #Traffic-signs

Very helpful, thanks

Dec 22, 2020 #Traffic-signs

Is sign R-309 for a Controlled Parking Zone, or is it for the beginning of a zone where parking is prohibited? There is conflicting information regarding this sign. The Driver Manual -3 (9th Edition, September 2020) states this sign indicates a Controlled Parking Zone. The Practice Test Question at https://practicatest.com/tests/permiso-B/test-dificil-DGT?modo=aprendizaje indicates it's a sign for a Limited Parking area. And here, on this website regarding prohibition signs, it states that this particular sign means the beginning of a zone where parking is prohibited. Which is it?


Sep 12, 2020 #Traffic-signs

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