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Practice test: Traffic signs

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What does this traffic sign mean?

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Dear student! On this page you will find the pratice tests, we're trying to collect as many practice questions as possible so you can prepare for the official theory exam. Hopefully the questions are clear, let us know below!


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Question: Which traffic sign imposes a prohibition on the length of a vehicle? Given Options: A: Prohibition sign showing truck length 10m B: Prohibition sign showing inwards triangles with 2.5m Given Answer Choices: 1) A 2) Neither 3) A and B 4) B Proposed Correct Answer: A Given Correct Answer: B Given Explanation: Traffic sign A indicates a place where vehicles longer than indicated are prohibited. Traffic sign B indicates a place where vehicles wider than indicated are prohibited. Please fix this question ASAP.

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Dear Admin, Please check this answer, the description itself states which sign indicates prohibition on length A. why B is a correct answer. Which traffic sign imposes a prohibition on the length of a vehicle? B A A and B Neither Traffic sign A indicates a place where vehicles longer than indicated are prohibited. Traffic sign B indicates a place where vehicles wider than indicated are prohibited.


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so many sign boards are repeating again and again should some motorway signs river side Animal crossing Sign out of city parking tram line crossing etc

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It said I chose the wrong answer several times even if I chose the right one. Like for the stop sign, I chose stop and yield to all traffic (or whatever way it was written) and the website says WRONG! This site sucks. It did the same thing for several other 1uestions.

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Good practice questions but please check the following question: Your vehicle has a breakdown on a motorway, at how many meters do you place the warning triangle? 200 meters 100 meter 30 meters 50 meters The correct answer is 100m but in it says 30m is the correct answer Thanks for these questions


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Thank you very much for the test! Some comments: When do you consume the most fuel? - dosn't matter - high gear - low gear The answer is low gear. I think this is plain wrong. When I use the low gear to start I might use a little bit more than the second gear. But if I use the highest gear on the motorway (in Germany) with 220km/h I clearly consume more fuel in the 5th gear. Also this depends much on the work the card has to do. Driving uphill or downhill. Is this really a question in Canada? The question regarding changing gears on a Diesel engine car at 2000 rpm might not be true for all cars.


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