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How to overcome the fear of driving

09-08-2017How to overcome the fear of driving. In this video I speak of techniques such as the fear ladder (gradual exposure) and some other techniques to get rid of the fear of driving. I also talk about the things that normally scare beginner drivers, such as lane changes, freeways, trucks, cyclists, pedestrians, busy commercial streets, emergency vehicles, driving downtown, driving during rush hour, in tunnels, on bridges, driving bigger vehicles or vehicles with a manual transmission, driving at night, under heavy rain, in the snow, and so on.

4 Tips to be Less Nervous

13-10-20154 Tips to Be Less Nervous at the Driving Exam. Here are some tips that will (hopefully) help you control that stress. In this video: Practice in the exam zone, Use the car you're used to driving (if you can), Warm Up, Park backing up so you can start your exam going forward.



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