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With these practice tests you can prepare yourself for obtaining your driving license. The practice questions are based on the official theory exam. Select the correct answer and try to answer all questions correctly. The solutions appear below, try to learn from your mistakes!

Practice test: Speed

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What does this traffic sign mean?

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Dear student! On this page you will find the pratice tests, we're trying to collect as many practice questions as possible so you can prepare for the official theory exam. Hopefully the questions are clear, let us know below!


Jan 20, 2021 #Practice-test -


Jan 20, 2021 #Practice-test


Jan 19, 2021 #Practice-test

Thank you. Helped me to evaluate myself and clear up some confusions.

Jan 19, 2021 #Practice-test -

Writing my learner's test tomorrow and I must say practicing with your test makes me calm and in control. Thank you❤️


Jan 18, 2021 #Practice-test


Jan 18, 2021 #Practice-test

I am new

Jan 18, 2021 #Practice-test -

Most useful for everyone.....

Jan 17, 2021 #Practice-test

Good for practice

Jan 16, 2021 #Practice-test

I love it ....

Jan 14, 2021 #Practice-test

It helps a lot, thank you

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Jan 14, 2021 #Practice-test -

too easy you know what i mean


Jan 11, 2021 #Practice-test

good for practice

Jan 08, 2021 #Practice-test -

It helps a lot

Jan 05, 2021 #Practice-test -

very good practice

Jan 04, 2021 #Practice-test

Do these practice tests include all the questions on the actual theory exam or are there some you have missed out? I'm doing my test on Jan 8th and am worried that there is something missing.


Jan 03, 2021 #Practice-test -

I haven't given the driving test yet but the questions are ok, I wish there were more questions and I don't understand why when you pay for 7 days or 2 no matter, why doesn't time stop when you leave the application? time to pass only if the person uses the application. people need sleep or have to go to work and the time they paid for passes without them learning anything so from 24h you make what? 6h ?

Dec 31, 2020 #Practice-test -


Dec 29, 2020 #Practice-test

These are really good questions and as I recall from my two failed attempts at the test, very much like the ones in the official test. A suggestion, however. There are several types of questions that do not show up on any of your practice tests. I was asked questions about how to ride a motorcycle, what speed limit to use for all types of vehicles, which car at an intersection had the right of way, whether to follow the conflicting directions of a light or sign or officer, how often I needed to get the inspection for road worthiness of a vehicle depending on its age, etc. The Spanish test is FULL of very minute and, I would say, tricky, questions, and it is very easy to fail it. This site does not contain all the information, but I really appreciate that when you click on one of the highlighted links, such as "speed", you are directed to the wiki site that tells you the speed limits for the different vehicles and highways. But be advised, to really get all the information you will need to pass that rotten test, you will need to at least check out those links that are provided here. And please, add lots more test questions that address those subjects I mentioned and much more.

Dec 29, 2020 #Practice-test -

Wow I am so happy to find out this app omg

Dec 28, 2020 #Practice-test

appreciate it.very helpful

Dec 25, 2020 #Practice-test -

thank you!

Dec 25, 2020 #Practice-test

Are all the questions like this in the real exam?


Dec 22, 2020 #Practice-test -

Supper helpful


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Dec 21, 2020 #Practice-test

The exams are v good

Dec 20, 2020 #Practice-test -

very helpful.

Dec 17, 2020 #Practice-test

Very helpful

Dec 17, 2020 #Practice-test

Very helpful

Dec 16, 2020 #Practice-test

very helpful and excellent...

Dec 15, 2020 #Practice-test -

Very helpful and useful,

Dec 14, 2020 #Practice-test -

Excellent practice test

Dec 14, 2020 #Practice-test -

helpful and very interesting to learn all the road sign and sign......

Dec 12, 2020 #Practice-test



Dec 10, 2020 #Practice-test

Very helpful,

Dec 09, 2020 #Practice-test

first time 45/50 , second test 47/50 ...I don't understand why I should know these things about diesel cars and other symbols my car hasn't got, but okay... at least both times I had the traffic signs right :-)

Dec 08, 2020 #Practice-test


Dec 07, 2020 #Practice-test -

Once again, good exam.

Dec 06, 2020 #Practice-test -

if u mention answer much better to learn for us

Dec 04, 2020 #Practice-test


Dec 04, 2020 #Practice-test

i been drive 3dacades experience on road, my test exam is not good enough, i was taken test in iceland, so tricky. exam pay is 4120 per 35min. i fail 5times thanks iceland.

Dec 03, 2020 #Practice-test

La patate

Dec 03, 2020 #Practice-test -

very helpfull,thanks

Dec 01, 2020 #Practice-test

I have been driving for 61 years and have not come across some of the signs in Spain. I have to pass my theory as I live alone and in the campo. Thank you for the very useful tests.

Dec 01, 2020 #Practice-test

Hey Guys, i am searching a good School Driving to pass my Driving License any recommendation? Best,

Dec 01, 2020 #Practice-test

what is a passing mark when writing learners


Nov 30, 2020 #Practice-test -

Very helpful, thanks!

Nov 30, 2020 #Practice-test

very useful

Nov 27, 2020 #Practice-test

This was interesting considering I have been driving for 45 years, and never seen some of the signs looks like they are going to make a fortune out of me to change over my driving licence to a Spainish one