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With these practice tests you can prepare yourself for obtaining your driving license. The practice questions are based on the official theory exam. Select the correct answer and try to answer all questions correctly. The solutions appear below, try to learn from your mistakes!

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What does this symbol mean?

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Dear student! On this page you will find the pratice tests, we're trying to collect as many practice questions as possible so you can prepare for the official theory exam. Hopefully the questions are clear, let us know below!


Sep 17, 2020 #Practice-test

Thank for your help!

Sep 16, 2020 #Practice-test -

The warning sign for trams is incorrect. Tram//streetcar signs are indicated in blue. The yellow cautionary sign is for railways only.

Sep 16, 2020 #Practice-test -

OK 46 out of 50 did I pass

Sep 16, 2020 #Practice-test

It would be useful if the practice tests were available in Italian as that is the language used in the test. Recognising the signs is the easy part.

Sep 16, 2020 #Practice-test -

this is helping coz’ i am taking license in japan

Sep 16, 2020 #Practice-test

Theory is good but common sense on the road would save many lives. A police force that enforces road rules would also save many lives.

Sep 15, 2020 #Practice-test -

Nice i got 9 correct..


Sep 13, 2020 #Practice-test

Begin to speed limit sounds confusing for maximum speed limit sign but otherwise this was very helpful

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It's very helpful it's helped me alot thank you

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These tests help a lot than I expected. Thanks,

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Very nice and very helpful to get to know . I really like it ..Thank you


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A v good app for learners!

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This is a wonderful practice test. This is great and thank you very, very much for such a program.

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It's a very helpul,educative web thank you.

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It's very helpful,thank you.

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Thanks this very help full its my fist time i think i did good

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Compliments for the beautiful Web-Design! Excellent exercise test questions for practical and educational preparation.

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Write a comment...The questions are very helpful and clear

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This are all the questions you can get at the exam?

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i need in english language in dormagen its possible

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Very good

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Very  helpful, and educating

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