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How to Turn - Vision (the most important thing)

How to Turn - Vision (the most important thing). A video on the most important thing when turning: vision. It’s the most obvious thing for experienced drivers , but the biggest problem with beginners. They usually look in front or at the floor when turning. When they like at the right place, usually, it’s like magic, it fixes the problem right away.

Vision in Driving

Vision in driving. In this video: The visual field and where to focus your attention, and why students tend to roll their eyes when turning instead of turning their head. Vision is definitely the most important thing in driving, and it’s one that most accompanying drivers neglect because they don’t even realize that not looking at the right place is an actual problem.


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Mar 24, 2021 #Youtube -

Love your instruction videos, lots of tips and advice. Love your accent, too. I grew up in North America, reminds me of Mexico. Cool country!

Jan 24, 2021 #Youtube

Thanks a lot.

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Excellent Instructions. Thank you so much.