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How to Turn the Steering Wheel

09-05-2017A video on how to turn the steering wheel. The good, the bad, and the dangerous methods. I explain the methods hand over hand, 'milking the cow', and 'washing the dishes' (these are the names I gave them by the way, nothing official). This is a topic where there is a lot of debate, and these are my personal opinions. So remember to always use whatever method is required where you are driving.

Setting Up Before Driving - Steering Wheel and Seat Belt

12-06-2017In this video, adjusting the height, depth and angle of the steering wheel., and how to wear the seat belt properly. Since the location and function of the different accessories varies from vehicle to vehicle, make sure to read your vehicle's manual for the specifics.

Understanding your Car's Steering & Power Steering!

31-10-2018When you learn to drive, the most difficult control to master is that of steering. Do you know there are some amazing physics and mechanisms beneath the steering wheel, which keeps the vehicle on the right track without any skidding of the wheels. This video will demonstrate why we need such mechanisms for steering, and how they work. We will also understand the workings of power steering mechanisms.



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Dec 11, 2023

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