Safety signs

The safety signs are often used in companies or factories to provide information about safety.

General warning sign

Warning for biological hazard

Warning for corrosive substances

Warning for counter-rotating rollers

Warning for crushing by moving parts

Warning for explosive materials

Warning for falling off

Warning for falling ice spikes

Warning for falling materials

Warning for flammable materials

Warning for forklifts and other industrial vehicles

Warning for hand injury

Warning for crushing of hands

Warning for overhead obstacle

Warning for high voltage

Warning for hot surface

Warning for laser beam

Warning for charging batteries

Warning for low temperature

Warning for magnetic field

Warning for overhead or suspended load

Warning for oxidizing substances

Warning for toxic substances

Warning for pressurized cylinder

Warning for electromagnetic radiation

Warning for optical radiation

Warning for radioactive material or ionizing radiation

Warning for remote or automatic start-up

Warning for sharp objects

Warning for slippery surface

Warning for floor-level obstacle

Warning for guard dog

General prohibition sign

No stepping on surface

No activated mobile phone

No access for people with active implanted cardiac devices

No dogs

No eating or drinking

Do not use this lift for people

No open flame

Do not extinguish with water

No access for forklift and other industrial vehicles

Do not wear gloves

No reaching in

Do not use for face grinding

Do not use with hand-held grinder

Do not use for wet grinding

No heavy load

Do not tie knots in rope

Do not use lift in the event of fire

No metallic articles or watches

No access for people with metallic implants

Do not alter the state of the switch

No pedestrians

No photography

No pushing

Do not use this incomplete scaffold

No sitting

No smoking

No stepping on surface

Do not obstruct

Do not touch

Not drinking water

Do not use this device in a bathtub, shower or water-filled reservoir

Use protective apron

General mandatory sign

Use barrier cream

Wear protective clothing

Disconnect before carrying out maintenance or repair

Connect an earth terminal to the ground

Wear eye protection

Wear opaque eye protection

Protect infants with opaque eye protection

Wear a face shield

Use footbridge

Use this walkway

Wear foot protection

Use handrail

Wear protective gloves

Wear a safety harness

Wear head protection

Wear ear protection

Refer to instruction manual/booklet

Wear a mask

Wear a welding mask

Wear high visibility or reflective clothing

Wear respiratory protection

Wear safety belts

Disconnect mains plug from electrical outlet

Wash your hands

Break the glass to obtain access

Automatic heart defibrillator


Emergency window with escape ladder

Emergency exit

Emergency exit

Eye shower

First aid

Turn counterclockwise to open

Turn clockwise to open

Safety shower


Emergency telephone

Fire alarm

Collection of firefighting equipment

Fire emergency exit

Fire extinguisher

Fire hose reel

Fire ladder

Fire emergency telephone