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Using A Sat-Nav Safely

A satellite navigation system can help you plan your route and drive to your destination easily. However, if used incorrectly the Sat-Nav could become a distraction and increase the risk of an accident. This video can help you enjoy the benefits of a sat-nav whilst staying safe.

GPS, How does it work?

GPS has already become an integral part of our lives, and you can see a few useful applications from these examples. GPS is really an interesting technology. It uses a system of 24 satellites continuously orbiting the earth, and requires at least four satellites to track your location; it uses an atomic clock, and the time error of your mobile phone is also a matter of great concern. Moreover, Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity plays an important role in GPS technology, finally, a real-life application for the theory of relativity! Let’s put aside all these complications and understand the technology of GPS in a step by step and logical manner.


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Love your instruction videos, lots of tips and advice. Love your accent, too. I grew up in North America, reminds me of Mexico. Cool country!

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Thanks a lot.

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Excellent Instructions. Thank you so much.