Learn the traffic rules with these instructive videos about traffic rules, traffic safety and the driving license.

How To Give Way At Open & Closed Junctions

14-08-2019Approaching the Give Way line at a junction safely is an essential skill that all drivers must master - but no two junctions are exactly the same. There are closed junctions where we need to stop, and open junctions that we can enter without stopping. In this video we will show how to identify what type of junction we are approaching, and how we can adjust our approach technique to handle any junction safely.

Stopping At The Side Of The Road Precisely

17-10-2018Stopping at the side of the road can be tricky for a new driver, as there are many things that could go wrong. We must find a safe place, check for danger, tell others what we intend do do, then steer into a position near to the the kerb before finally stopping the car. In this video we will show you how to complete these tasks smoothly, so that you can stop safely whenever you need to on your Driving Test or when driving on your own afterwards.


17-04-2018Crossroads are a common part of driving, as they can provide an intersection for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians and can be found in many different situations. We will see small crossroads in quiet residential areas and large multi-lane crossroads at busy intersections, and since they can have many different layouts they could cause confusion for inexperienced drivers. In this video we will explain the different types of crossroads, and then show how to approach and cross them safely.

T-Junctions for Beginners

24-05-2017If you have just started driving, then one of the first tasks is to learn how to turn left and right at T-junctions. This can be harder to master than it looks, as a driver must complete a series of tasks as they approach the junction. If the driver forgets to do something, or attempts to rush the process it could put them in danger. This video will show how to approach and use a T-junction safely.

How To Handle Traffic Lights

31-07-2019Traffic lights may appear easy to understand, but they are unpredictable and one of the top 10 reasons for failing a Driving Test. Handling a traffic light safely is more difficult than it looks, and an inexperienced driver can easily find themselves in a tricky situation and put themselves in risk of an accident. In this video we will show how to deal with traffic lights safely, so you can prevent any unnecessary danger or test fails.



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