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Roundabouts for Beginners

If you have just started driving, then you might find roundabouts challenging - but they are the most efficient way of dealing with traffic at busy intersections. Most urban areas and Driving Test routes will include roundabouts, so it is important to understand how to use them. This video will show how to approach and drive around a simple 4-way roundabout safely.

How To Use A Mini-Roundabout

Roundabouts allow traffic to flow more efficiently and are far safer than other types of junctions - but they can’t be used everywhere, as there isn’t always enough space. This is why the mini-roundabout was developed - it can fit into sites that don’t have enough room for a normal roundabout, and offer most of the advantages of a full sized roundabout. However, a new driver approaching a busy mini-roundabout might be unsure of where to look or when to go - so in this video we will show how to use a mini-roundabout safely.

Rush-Hour Roundabouts

Driving through a busy town centre at rush-hour can be difficult for a new driver, as there is usually a lot of traffic to deal with. Roundabouts in particular can be tough to negotiate, especially if they have multiple lanes. Many new drivers will need to drive themselves to and from work, and the traffic on the roads at peak periods will be much heavier than the rest of the day. In this video we will share our tips for keeping safe on rush-hour roundabouts.

Which Lane At Roundabouts?

Knowing which lane to use at roundabouts is a really important skill if we want to be safe on the roads. In this video we will show you which lane you should normally use, and also how to spot when you may need to use a different lane.


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