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Driving On Snow

Driving on snow can be much more dangerous than driving in good weather, as the car’s tyres have far less grip. This means that to avoid skidding a driver has to plan further ahead than normal and control the car very smoothly. This can be challenging for an experienced driver, so an inexperienced driver could easily make a mistake and have an accident. This video will show how to drive safely in snowy conditions.

De-Ice a car in 2½ minutes

A thick frost in the morning can look pretty, but it's a pain to deal with before driving to work. It is illegal to drive a car without a clear view through every window, so this video shows a quick and easy de-icing method, so you can get away as soon as possible. You'll need a proper ice scraper, and for really cold days a can of De-Icer spray.


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Love your instruction videos, lots of tips and advice. Love your accent, too. I grew up in North America, reminds me of Mexico. Cool country!

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Excellent Instructions. Thank you so much.