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Driving at Night

28-01-2017Driving at night is an important skill that will be essential for most drivers, but many new drivers have very little experience of night driving before they pass their driving test. This often results in an inexperienced driver attempting to deal with the extra danger of night driving on their own. While only around a quarter of all driving is done at night, more than half of all accidents occur at night. The reduced visibility when light levels are low will make it much more difficult to spot hazards on the road ahead, reducing the time for decisions and leading to sudden braking or steering. This video will show how to get ready for night driving, and how to keep safe when driving in 3 scenarios - urban areas, country roads and major roads.

Signalling & Indicating Correctly

19-11-2016Signalling, or indicating is a simple task that is important to do correctly. If we signal properly it will make our intentions clear to other road users, which will help to keep us safe and show our consideration to other drivers. However if we forget to signal or signal at the wrong time it could cause danger or even an accident. Many driving tests are failed due to misusing the car's signals - as even a small mistake such as forgetting to cancel a signal after leaving a roundabout could mislead another driver, and therefore fail the test. This video will show you how to signal at the correct time and place, which is an essential part of becoming a safe driver.



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