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Driving on a Motorway

10-02-2017Motorways are statistically the safest roads in the UK, and are designed to help traffic travel faster to their destination. However, the fast-moving flow of traffic and multiple lanes can take a little time to get used to for a new driver. The high speeds used on a motorway will mean that the driver must be alert, and the car must be in good condition - as if there is an incident, it will often be serious and involve many vehicles. This video will show how we should drive on a motorway, so that we can travel quickly and safely to our destination.

Joining Dual Carriageways From A Slip Road

15-05-2018Dual carriageways and Motorways are the safest and fastest types of road, and are really useful when driving long distances. The most common way to enter a dual carriageway is from a slip road, as this allows the joining traffic to accelerate up to speed before merging in with the traffic flow. This can be a challenge for a new driver, as good observation and judgement skills will be needed to stay safe. This video will show how we use a 3-step process to join dual carriageways safely, even when the traffic is very busy.

Leaving Dual Carriageways

31-10-2018Travelling on dual carriageways or motorways are normally very relaxing, but we will need to concentrate when leaving the fast-moving flow of traffic if we are to keep safe. We must plan our exit, position our car in the correct lane, and then slow the car down before approaching the next junction. If we make a mistake during this process we may put ourselves in danger, so in this video we will show how to leave dual carriageways safely.



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